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Coast Capital Forex

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The parties have reached a settlement with Coast Capital. Although Coast Capital denies liability, it has agreed to pay $1.4 million (the “Settlement Funds”) to settle the claim against it in exchange for a full release of claims. The Representative Plaintiff, Class Counsel, and the Coast Capital believe that this is a fair settlement, taking into account all the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of the case.

The hearing is scheduled for September 22, 2022, at 10:00am before Justice Masuhara of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The hearing will take place at Vancouver Courthouse, located at 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC.

A copy of the Notices of Hearing and the Notice of Application can be found here:

If you wish to comment on or object to the settlement agreement, the plan for administering and distributing the Settlement Funds, the honourarium to be paid to the Representative Plaintiff, and/or Class Counsel’s legal fees and expenses, you must do so in writing in advance of the hearing by way of a letter or email. The letter or email objection must be received by Class Counsel by 12:00 P.M. (noon) on September 15, 2022. Please forward all such written communications to Class Counsel, contact information listed below:

Any objections will be put before the court. It will be up to the court to decide at the hearing whether to permit class members to present their objections orally, if they wish to do so.

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