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Revolution Resource Recovery Inc.

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This class action alleges that throughout the Class Period, Revolution Resource Recovery Inc. has breached its contracts with class members by charging class members an 18% Government Surcharge/Material Ban. The class action alleges the Government Surcharge/Material Ban was charged arbitrarily, and that it exceeds and/or bears no relation to the fines charged to or incurred by Revolution in the course of providing services to the Class Members. These are the “Breach of Contract Claims”.

This class action also alleges that certain terms in Revolution’s customer service agreements are void or unenforceable because they restrict the ability of the class members to cancel their contracts with Revolution or to use other waste management service providers. These are the “Unlawful Contract Claims”.


This case was certified as a class action following the second certification hearing held September 23 and 24, 2021. Revolution has appealed the British Columbia Supreme Court class certification decision. The appeal hearing date has yet to be scheduled.

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October 3, 2023

Revolution Resource Recovery Inc. Class Action Certification - View

November 16, 2021

Revolution Resource Recovery Inc. Class Action Certification - View