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Volkswagen Diesel Engine

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CFM Lawyers LLP is one of group of law firms across the country working together (the “Consortium”) on a proposed Canada-wide class action lawsuit against Volkswagen A.G. and a number of its Canadian and international subsidiaries relating to the manipulation of emissions data in a number of Volkswagen Group’s four and six cylinder turbo diesel engines sold under the Volkswagen and Audi brand names.

The Consortium is currently working to negotiate a national settlement through a proposed class action filed in Ontario. For a copy of a recent notice sent out in this regard click HERE. We encourage you to register on the Consortium website to ensure that you receive any notices that come out in the future. Here is a link to the Consortium website https://www.volkswagenclassaction.com/.

The proposed class action is brought on behalf of any person in Canada who purchased any of the following vehicles equipped with a four or six cylinder turbo diesel engine as well as anyone who leased any of the following vehicles:

2.0 Litre 4 Cylinder TDI Vehicles

VW Jetta — model years 2009-15
VW Golf —model years 2010-15
VW Beetle —model years 2013-15
VW Passat —model years 2012-15
VW Golf Wagon/Sportwagon — model years 2009-15
Audi A3 – model years from 2009 – 2015

3.0 Litre 6 Cylinder TDI Vehicles

Audi A6 – model years 2009-2016
Audi A7 – model years 2009-2016
Audi A8 & A8L – model years 2009-2016
Audi Q5 – model years 2009-2016
Audi Q7 – model years 2009-2016
VW Touareg – model years 2009-2016
Porsche Cayenne – model years 2009-2016

If you purchased or leased one of the affected vehicles, you may be a class member if the action is certified as a class action. If you would like to receive direct updates or notifications in this proceeding, please let us know by contacting our paralegal, Aisling Slevin at [email protected] or 604.331.9536. In the meantime, we suggest that all potential class members retain any documents they have regarding the purchase or sale of their vehicles, or any repairs effected to bring the vehicles within emission compliance standards. Those documents may be necessary at a later stage of the proceedings.

Proposed Settlement – 2.0-Litre Vehicles

The Plaintiffs and Volkswagen have reached a proposed $2.1 billion settlement involving the 2.0-Litre Volkswagen and Audi TDI (diesel) vehicles that are alleged to contain “Defeat Devices.” The settlement is subject to court approval. To review the Settlement Agreement, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) and/or to determine benefits eligibility, Class Members are encouraged to visit the settlement website at https://www.vwcanadasettlement.ca/en/

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