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Practice Areas

We have over 30 years of collective experience representing clients in large complex litigation files often with multi-jurisdictional features. Our law practice is focused on three primary areas:

Aviation Law

Class Action Litigation

Product Liability

We also have a tradition of taking on cases where the matter has a significant impact on the Public Interest.

We approach problems with our clients’ long term best interests in mind and craft solutions accordingly. Our results, in both trials and settlements, speak for themselves. Many of the cases we have worked on, including the $1.6 billion dollar hepatitis C pan-Canadian class action, are considered landmark cases in Canadian legal jurisprudence.

Who we represent

We represent victims or families of victims who have been seriously injured or killed by product malfunctions, including complex products like aircraft, or who have suffered loss or injury due to individual negligence or systems failures.

We also represent people with claims against multinational corporations, whether based in Canada, North America, Europe, Asia or elsewhere.

Since CFM was founded in 2001 our firm has frequently been retained by other lawyers and law firms with clients requiring representation in our areas of practice expertise. We respect and value these referral relationships.

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