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This proposed class action concerns the alleged invoicing and collection of fees by Navitax, beyond the term set out in the Fee Agreement. The defendant engaged in this practice as early as January 1, 2021 and continuing to the present (the “Class Period’).

The claim alleges that during the Class Period, the Defendant has been in breach of contract and engaged in unlawful practices by sending invoices to clients after the term of their contract had ended. The claim also alleges the Defendant was unjustly enriched by collecting fees after the end term of class members’ contracts without providing any additional services.

Next Steps

The first substantial step in a proposed class action is for the Court to consider whether the action can proceed as a class action, and define the class and the common issues to be determined on behalf of the class. This process is called “certification”. If the action is certified, everyone who fits within the class definition will be automatically included in the class, but will have an opportunity to opt out (exclude themselves) from the class action.

The certification hearing has not yet been scheduled. At this time, potential class members do not need to take any action. You should, however, keep any related documents that you have. When action is required, there will be a court-approved notice process. If you would like to be added to our database of known potential claimants, please contact us at the below address and specify that you would like to register for the Navitax Class Action:

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Please note that registration with us does not mean you are eligible to participate in the action, or that you are in fact participating in the action. That determination is made by the Court in the certification process, after which point eligible class members will have an opportunity to exclude themselves from the action. However, registration ensures you receive direct notice of certification and of the opportunity to exercise your right to opt out or to continue to participate in the action, and any other necessary updates.

Important Documents:

For more information please contact Douglas Claridge by email at [email protected].