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Google and Apple Search Ads

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Proposed Action

A proposed class action lawsuit has been filed in Vancouver against Apple, Inc. and Apple Canada Inc., and Google and its parent company and its subsidiaries, The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Canadian residents who purchased Search Ads from Google.  Search ads are all types of advertisements displayed on a Search Engine Results Page (“SERP”) in response to online search queries, except for specialized search advertisements displayed on specialized search engines.

The action alleges that defendants participated in an illegal conspiracy to allocate the market for, lessen competition in, and limit the supply of Search Ads sold in North America and worldwide from at least 2005 to present.

See “Important Documents” to view the Notice of Civil Claim filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Vancouver Registry.

Proposed Class

The action is brought on behalf of members of the class (the “Class Members”) consisting of the plaintiff and all residents of Canada who purchased Search Ads from Google from 2005 to the present.  Excluded from the class are the defendants, their parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates.

If you fit this criteria, you may be eligible to participate in this proposed class action if it is certified (i.e., after the court confirms that the case may proceed as a class action).  There is currently no date for the certification hearing, and this will only occur after a case management judge is appointed to oversee the action.

What Happens Next?

The first substantial step in a proposed class action is for the Court to consider whether the action can proceed as a class action.  This process is called “certification”.  If the action is certified, all persons who are included in the class definition will be automatically included in the class, but will be given an opportunity to opt out (exclude themselves) from the proceeding.

At this time, potential class members do not need to take any action.  A court-approved notice will be published before any action is required from the proposed class members.  If you wish to receive direct notification of any required action in this case, you may add yourself to our database of known potential class members.  To do so please contact us at the address below and specify that you would like to register for the Google Search Ads Class Action.

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Please note that registration with us does not mean you are eligible to participate in the action or that you are in fact participating in the action.  That determination will be made by the Court in the certification process.  Registration ensures that you will receive direct notice of certification and of the opportunity to exercise your right to opt out or to continue to participate in the action, and any other necessary updates.

For more information, please contact Linnae Roach, paralegal, at 604-689-7555 or by email at [email protected].

Important Documents