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Since 2018, Home Depot has collected customers’ email addresses at store checkouts for the purpose of providing electronic receipts. During this period, customers were offered the option of receiving their receipt by email, rather than receiving a paper copy. Customers were never asked to consent to Home Depot using their information for any other reason. However, customers’ email addresses and other information about their purchase was shared with Meta, the company behind the Facebook social network.

Home Depot shared customer information with Meta in order to gauge the effectiveness of its online advertising using Meta’s “Offline Conversions” tool. Home Depot provided Meta with customer email addresses, dates and times of purchases, purchase amount, the category of goods purchased, and other information.

Home Depot’s contract with Meta allowed Meta to use the customer information for its own marketing purposes, including user profiling and targeted advertising, unrelated to Home Depot.

The case alleges that Home Depot has breached provincial privacy and consumer protection laws, among other legal claims.

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