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Called to the Bar: 2011 (BC)

Jen joined CFM in 2010 as an articling student and continued with the firm as an associate after being called to the bar in May 2011.

Jen earned her undergraduate degree at Columbia University, where she studied international relations and comparative politics. Jen went on to study law at the University of British Columbia. During both her undergraduate and post-graduate studies she actively pursued travel and volunteer opportunities.

While at UBC, she spent a semester studying at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In Cape Town, she volunteered at a clinic run by a non-profit organization called People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty, helping refugees navigate the asylum claims process. Jen also spent nine months in Cambodia and Thailand working with an organization that provides community legal education, managing a long-term project at Chiang Mai Women’s Prison addressing public health and access to healthcare.

Currently, Jen volunteers at the Salvation Army Legal Clinic and is acting as counsel on pro bono cases at the BC Human Rights Tribunal and at the Federal Court of Appeal. Jen has appeared in front of the B.C. Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. She is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Trial Lawyers Association of BC, the Canadian Centre for International Justice and the Canadian Bar Association.

In her spare time, Jen enjoys running, yoga, snowboarding, and traveling.





Representative Experience

  • Bryar Law Corporation v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al., SCBC S070350 (Vancouver Registry) SRAM Class Action
  • Gruber v LG Phillips LCD Co. Ltd. et al, 2007, SCBC S091686 (Vancouver Registry) LCD Class Action
  • Hall v. McCandless and Welder, SCBC S073021 (Vancouver Registry)
  • Saunders v. Chunghwa Picture Tubes et al., SCBC S097394 (Vancouver Registry) CRT Class Action
  • Tarves v. Cameron, SCBC S106119; PCBC 0921024 and 0921025 (North Vancouver Registry) (settled out of court)
  • Weldon v. Teck Metals Ltd. et al., SCBC S095159 (Vancouver Registry)
  • Wyman v. Fammarz S.R.L., Supreme Court of BC No. S091686 Vancouver Registry
  • Meggeson v. Attorney General of Canada, 2012 FCA 175
  • MWO Meggeson filed an appeal of the Federal Court decision finding that the decision of the Chief of Defence Staff on her application for redress of grievance was reasonable and declining to convert her application for judicial review to an action for damages against the Crown. The appeal of the decision on the application for conversion was successful. The Federal Court of Appeal overturned the decision and ordered that the application be treated and proceeded with as an action.