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Andrew L Johnson
Andrew Louis Johnson
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Called to the Bar: 2021 (BC)

Andrew came to law after working in politics and Parliament because he saw how the courts could deliver real, meaningful change. To Andrew, the legal profession is at its best when it helps ordinary people solve extraordinary problems. He enjoys any chance to work with a client to clarify the issues and chart a path through a system that too often appears impenetrable or unresponsive.

Andrew practices in class actions and tort law, with a particular interest in aviation cases. He obtained a private pilot license during law school, and plans to continue training for a commercial license and build real-life expertise that assists him in the firm’s aviation liability investigations. He loves a deep dive into the technical details of a case and enjoys learning from experts to form an authentic understanding of their work.

Client relationships are a priority for Andrew. A great listener who’s always looking to find the core of the issue, Andrew works closely with clients to ensure they both come to a clear understanding of the problem and the plan to solve it. Despite his early insistence on wearing a tie to work every day, Andrew believes that too much formality gets in the way of efficient problem solving, and that injecting a little humour and humanity into legal practice can encourage everyone to open up, speak more plainly, and get to a solution.

Outside of the office, Andrew enjoys woodworking, flying and camping. He is also the caretaker of Walter, the firm’s Golden Retriever and self-appointed Lunch Supervisor.