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Samji Ponzi Scheme – September 24, 2012 – Counsel preparing for a 5-day Certification Hearing in Spring 2013

Class counsel appeared before Madam Justice Gerow on September 24, 2012 to set down the certification schedule as the materials for the Certification motion are nearly complete. At that hearing Justice Gerow canvassed defence counsel’s realistic timelines and obstacles regarding document production – particularly, lengthy timelines for recovering data and the sheer volume of defence disclosure – were cited as a primary consideration for delaying the Certification hearing until Spring 2013 at the earliest. Justice Gerow ordered counsel to provide their availability for a 5-day certification hearing to take place in either March, April or May, 2013.

On a further note, though the number of individual actions has resulted in increased delays regarding document production and complicates scheduling, Justice Gerow remains committed to the efficient case management of these actions and keeping everything moving forward.

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