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37. Will I be paid the amount of money set out in my letter? Are there any deductions from the amount set out in my letter for the lawyers?

The amount of money set out in your letter is an estimate only. We will not be able to calculate the actual amount until after the Court hearing, based on what the Court approves.

The lawyers’ fees and expenses were deducted before we calculated the amount in your letter. If we have estimated correctly, and if the Court approves everything that the lawyers are proposing, you will get the amount set out in your letter. If your share is close to or more than the estimate in your June letter, we will send you a letter confirming the amount and enclosing a cheque. We expect this to be the most likely outcome.

If your share has dropped substantially, we may have to go back to Court to decide what to do. In that case we will send you a letter explaining what has happened.

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